Our Committee


Mr Willy Shee


Mr Miguel Ko
Mr Manohar Khiatani
Mr Chia Nam Toon
Mr Jonathan Yap
Mr Tan Yew Chin
Mr Jeffrey Chua
Mr Aylwin Tan
Mrs Lorraine Ng
Ms Crystal Seah
Mrs Han Tui Heng


Ms Lena Han
Ms Joyce Wee


Mr Ken Ho

Country Representatives

Mr Anir Choudhury (India)
Ms Huang Xiaoyan (China)
Ms Lim Yoke Keng (Malaysia)
Ms Cho Hyun Joo (Korea)
Ms Nguyen Hanh Dung (Vietnam)

ASB Givers

Ascendas-Singbridge staff forms a team of ASB Givers to carry out the foundation mission. They initiate and manage charity initiatives under the three pillars of Arts, Community and Environment, which also includes CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities. ASB Givers are the drivers of our philanthropy efforts and embody the spirit of community and giving of the organisation.