Our Pillars


The foundation believes in the value that the arts bring in enhancing quality of living. Therefore we contribute to developing local arts groups in Singapore and within the countries we operate in. We support programmes and initiatives that nurture artistically-inclined talents and grow audiences’ interest in the arts. We support emerging artists and groups in their quest to fulfil and make their dreams a reality.


The foundation seeks to widen our reach and engage with local communities in Singapore and our countries of operation by improving the quality of lives of those in need. Through our programmes and activities, we aim to equip underprivileged communities that require assistance with resources to attain equal opportunities to enrich their lives and thrive.


The foundation is an advocate of engaging the community on the importance of protecting our natural environment to ensure its sustainability. Our initiatives focus on raising environmental awareness and supporting conservation efforts. This enables us to do our part in building a socially-conscious community of environmentally-responsible individuals.