Ascendas Innovation Towers, Xi’an

Located in Software City, the core area of R&D industry cluster in Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, Ascendas Innovation Towers (AIT) is the flagship project in the area which comprises two 23-story buildings and one standalone building, with total GFA 120,000sqm. Aiming to build into a 5A office building, AIT adopts Intelligent system and provide tenants with various amenities such as co-work space, F&B, and multi-functional meeting rooms, etc. It is adjacent to West 3rd Ring Road, subway and other traffic system, as well as the relocated Shannxi provincial library (under construction) and Yunshui Park. AIT is an ideal choice for technical service, BPO and software development industries.

Address: No.88, 7 Tian Gu Road, Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, China (Near the West 3rd Ring Road and 6 Ke Ji Road)

Tel:029-8132 0606